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    From Zapotec gusulú
    1. start, beginning
    Zapotec people were born in the clouds in the form of birds and dispersed after hearing music, their creator gods became moons, stars and sun. We were all equal, the perfect balance between human beings and nature, connected with our origin, with the beginning of everything.
    This is Monte Uzulu, the experience of being conscious. We are part of nature, and we want to honor the earth and water as fundamental elements. Make ourselves invisible to look from there the beauty of the environment in harmony; knowing that our actions improve and protect it, but above all they inspire each visitor to transform the way they relate to the world. The future is today and only by generating the common good, we can change the planet, one traveler at a time. This hotel is born from the love we have for the Oaxaca coast and we want you to be part of this experience. The jungle that surrounds us is thousand of years old, that is why we have respected all the trees during construction, and we pass next to them to allow them to continue growing. The natural resources of San Agustinillo allowed us to design spaces that are in balance with nature, all wood is local, the finishes of the walls are made of earth and lime. Besides we respect the regulation of height and maximum square meters of green areas free of construction, we have developed a 100% reuse system of the water we consume, we also have rainwater collection to take advantage of the benefits of rain and biodegradable soaps that are friendly to your skin and the earth. We believe that in this way we insert ourselves into the water cycle and let it flow without interfering. This project was commissioned to Taller LU ́UM, an interior design studio specialized in working together with artisan groups throughout Mexico, of which we are very proud. For this project Taller LU´UM collaborated with 4 artisan groups, among Mariana Ruíz from AT-TE for architecture and management, Paola José from Sombre for the lighting project, Valentina Deffis for the finishes of the wall and Tiago Pinto de Carvalho for the conceptual project; Templo Oaxaca biodigester specialist; Edgar Ludert who developed the branding and local constructors for creating a congruent, conscious and unique place. Each suite has a terrace with a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean and the Oaxaca jungle.
    Paseo de los cocos S/N
    Entrada por el callejón frente a la Casa del Pueblo

    San Agustinillo, Oaxaca